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This is easy people. When you look at the sacrifices that people have made in the past and the hard times that we have weathered as a nation, this is pretty easy.

During the Great Depression in the 30’s people had it much tougher for a much longer time. This lasted almost 10 years with high unemployment. People struggled just to take care of basic human needs like shelter, food, and clothing.

In World War Two the people in our armed services were gone for 4 years. They ate K rations out of cans, slept in fox holes much of the time, and were lucky if they got a hot meal and had the proper clothing for the climate they were in. A treat were the 2 cigarettes and piece of chocolate that were included with the K rations.

And back home wasn’t a cake walk either. Most of the women had to go to work. The men were all away fighting. Several things were rationed; tires, gasoline, sugar, butter, shoes. The list goes on and on.

I had a similar situation when I was in Dahran Saudi Arabia during the first Persian Gulf war. I was deployed there on August 8, 1990 and returned home March 8, 1991. From August until the actual war started in January, we really didn’t have much of anything to do. Our planes flew air defense sorties but that wasn’t too demanding. We were on duty 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, with nothing to do during that 12 hours. There weren’t any telephones, smart phones, computers, or internet. We played a lot of games, read books, wrote letters home, and smoked a lot of cigarettes. Overcoming the boredom was our number 1 issue.

We are six months into this pandemic. It isn’t going away anytime soon. Best guesses for a vaccine being widely available are another six months. Without any reliable information from our federal government, we all need to use common sense, wear masks when appropriate, and maintain social distance.