Thanks for stopping by my blog. These are my thoughts about anything that I feel like talking about. I never know what might strike me as interesting.

I have many interests but I’m not really an expert on anything. I like to cook and I consider myself a good one but I don’t do anything fancy. I am fascinated by computers and all this new technology. I am proficient but not geeky. I like to read but I don’t stick to a specific genre. Lately I have been reading “Inferno” by Dan Brown; good read by the way. Before that it was “Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible”.

Speaking of golf, I love a challenge, so I am an absolute golf fanatic! This is one game that has kept my interest over the years. There is always something to get better and something new to learn. Each shot on every round is something unique. I honestly can’t get enough of this. So, “The Golf Channel” is my favorite channel.

I am a middle aged (I hope anyway) baby boomer. I grew up with 12 years of catholic education. I spent a career in the United States Air Force. I guess you could say I like rules, discipline, and good order in my life. I have spent nearly another career in big business which goes against everything said in the last sentence.

That’s a little bit about me. Feel free to comment on my posts. I enjoy a good conversation. No flaming please. Polite disagreement is welcomed. That’s what freedom is all about.

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