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The Wren

I opened our front door to pick up a package that was delivered. It was sitting right on the stoop so, I only had to bend down to pick it up which I did. I closed the door and went into our kitchen to open the package. As I crossed the kitchen to get a pair of scissors I looked out to the front room and saw what I thought was a bird hitting the front window trying to get in. This isn’t that unusual. We have lots of birds hit our windows. We have lots of feeders around the house. Upon closer inspection I realized that the bird was inside the house trying to get out. I ran to the front room to get a closer look. Sure enough, the bird was sitting on one of my military hats on display on top of our bookcase. I called my wife for an assist. She was raised in an old farmhouse and has lots of experience chasing bats out of the house. At first, she didn’t believe what I was telling her. After getting over her surprise, we agreed that I would open the front door, and she would try to chase the bird towards me.

I opened the door and she shooed the bird. It first flew into the window and then made a b-line for the wreath on our front door. It landed in the wreath, took a quick glance at me, and then headed in the opposite direction out the door. I quickly closed the door, and then it dawned on me. It was dusk when I went to grab the package from the porch and our porch light was on. The wren must have been roosting in the wreath and when I opened the door, I must have startled it. As I bent down to pick up the package, the wren must have flown over me as I bent down and into the house. We are now slowly opening the door and checking for birds!

I Don’t Get It!

We live in a community with 93 houses. These are middle-class families, mostly in their 30s and 40s with children.

This year the pandemic forced us to hold our annual homeowners’ association meeting virtually via Zoom. To maintain security, this meeting was by invitation only.

The meeting was published on our community FaceBook page in the middle of November, and again by flyer to each household on the last weekend of November. Residents were asked to email the association by December 1st to request an invitation to the meeting. This would afford the association the time to prepare a mailing list and send out invitations by December 8th. The meeting was scheduled for December 14th.

We received 15 requests by the deadline. Add in the 5 board members and our list grew to 20. Invitations were sent out to those 20 individuals on December 8th as promised.

We expected a few stragglers and received a couple of requests past the deadline. We received another 8 requests throughout the day of the meeting. This is the part I don’t understand. Why do people think it is ok to ignore the deadline and then seem indignant when their invitation isn’t emailed immediately when they finally got around to requesting one on the day of the meeting? They went to great lengths emailing board members multiple times asking for the invitation. We eventually had to post the invitation on our FB page.

The good news in all this was that our virtual meeting was attended by more than double the usual number of attendees. The bad news it that still amounted to only about 30% of the households.